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9 thoughts on “ The Things Youre Made Of

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  2. Mary Chapin Carpenter Lyrics. "The Things That We Are Made Of". I remember driving down the rutted roads late at night. Following the summer moon bright as any pair of headlights. I felt the air on my face and the night pressed inside my palm. a moment captured in a place this memory stays strong.
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  6. Title: Everything Is Made of Something Time: 1 class period KERA Goals: Objective: The students will understand the natural resources that the earth holds. Background Information: The Earth is a huge storehouse. It holds the water and food that plants need to grow. It .
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  9. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Dave Cobb and a small group of musicians at his Nashville studio, The Things That We Are Made Of is a powerful collection that bridges two poles of existential tension: the past and the present with the future, ever uncertain, looming beyond our grasp. Cobb is a full collaborator here, a true believer who adds only what's necessary to remain true to the song, no 8/

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